About Us

Twenty years after being founded in Bombay,  HAUTE COUTURE  is now a destination for women's Accessories. Our exclusive ranges include HAIRBANDS - BRACELETS - NECKLACES - EARRINGS and BELTS. All our products are Hand Embroidered and Hand finished.  Our aim has always been to provide quality hand embroidered accessories to our clients in the shortest time.
Our creativity and excellence in finish has earned  - hautecoutureshop -  worldwide reputation for a wide range of hand embroidered Accessories ! The influence of style and form can be seen in our collections which senses and recognizes the ever changing fashion scene. We constantly strive to find and use new materials, crystals, rhinestones, beads and metal in the best quality to ensure the high end look and yet at economical prices.
Today, Hautecoutureshop is committed to fuel our clients' passions by offering signature products and unmatched services by constantly developing and adding new, innovative products ranges on our website.
Our strength - custom made products for the smallest quantities !   
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