Belt BLT 4 - NEENA

Product Code: BLT 4


BeltsThe  BELT  NEENA  is an interesting combination of antique metal accessories and crystal stones and drops ! The rectangular center band of gold brass stands out with bands of antique gun metal strips at both sides. The edges have triangular zig zag metal pieces to give it the very unusual shape. The entire belt has pairs of emerald drops with alternating silver drops, opal and gun metal rhinestones, silver chain stones, and gold and silver rhinestones. Parallel lines of deep amethyst rhinestones give the needed touch of color on the center band adorned with gold thread embroidery. The edge has been finished in gold thread embroidery. Elastic straps at both ends with matching hand embroidered buckle motifs and metal clip closure which is decorated with silver rhinestones. Full suede leather lining for the comfortable and soft feel. A sure winner !

Available in sizes :   S M L XL

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