Product Code: BLT 6


BeltsThe BELT  JACQUELINE  is a stunning accessory made of multi colored marquis stones and crystal drops ! The 45 cms. front portion has exquisite flowers made of opaque marquis stones in pink, black and royal blue tones. The centers have a gold rhinestone surrounded by sky blue stones. The scallops combining the flowers are decorated with stones in silver, gold and gun metal beads with opal stones thrown in ! Intricate cut work joins together to form three petal motifs in pink and emerald marquis stones and silver crystal drops. The 3 petal motifs are joined by a round motif with silver crystal at the center and black and turquoise rhinestones forming the outlines. Edging done in antique silver hand embroidery. The elastic bands on both ends have matching buckle motifs and the metal clip has been decorated with turquoise rhinestones. Full suede leather lining for a soft and luxurious feel. Wear it and get compliments all the way !

Can be made in sizes :  S M L XL 

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