Product Code: BLT 7


BeltsThe  BELT  ISABELLA  is a precious, stunning accessory fit for a Princess !  It is made of dazzling silver rectangular crystal stones which run in vertical parallel lines with regular breaks provided by Sapphire crystal drops surrounded by silver rhinestones. The center focal motif is an exquisite creation of design and quality with Sapphire oval and crystal drops combined with silver drops, gun metal beads and turquoise chain stones.The three bands of rectangular crystals are neatly cut and divided in parallel bands with edging done in gold hand embroidery. Elastic bands on both sides end with matching motifs and a metal clip closure also decorated with turquoise rhinestones. Full suede leather lining for a soft and comfort feel.  A picture of elegance and class all the way ! 

Available in sizes :  S M L XL

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